Prachy Sahay

Name :   Prachy Sahay

Education :  MBA (HR + Marketing)

Organisation :  Aerosoft

Brands :

Car    :  Ford Figo

Review :   I think the Figo is a fantastic car. It’s a good value for money package. The stereo is excellent and the sound quality is great. The engine is zippy; it is fun to drive and still manages to be comfortable at the same time.
Laptop :  COMPAQ 510
Review :  since last 2 years I have dell  without any problem its working fine

Mobile :  Galaxy Note
Review :  Fastest phone I've ever used. Great battery life

Brands Review: [ Optional ]

Ø Airlines :

Ø Review : 

Ø Airport  :  Indira Gandhi Airport

Ø Review  : 

Ø Bank     :  Standard Chartered Bank

Ø Review   :  Good Service

Ø Car      : 

Ø Review   : 

Ø Hotel    : 

Ø Review   : 

Ø Laptop   : 

Ø Review   : 

Ø Mobile   : 

Ø Review   : 


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