Poonam Sharma

Name : Poonam Sharma
Education : B. SC. , MBA
Organisation : Global Executive Search

Brands :

Car : Renault Duster
Review : Awesum
Laptop : Sony Vio
Review : Excellent
Mobile : Nokia
Review : Good

Brands Review

If you are one of the Tech Savvy Business Woman with own Mobile Laptop and a Car you can send us your Bio with some good pics and following details. You can also give your reviews about the brand you are using.

Review is optional. If you have more then one brand you can add more. The main motive of this Project to Motivate others young Tech Savvy  to follow your pathways.

Name :   
Education :  
Organisation :  

Brands :

Car    :   
Review :   
Laptop :  
Review :  
Mobile :  
Review :  

Brands Review: [ Optional ] 

Ø Airlines : 
Ø Review   :  
Ø Airport  :  
Ø Review   :  
Ø Bank     :  
Ø Review   :  
Ø Car      :  
Ø Review   :  
Ø Hotel    :  
Ø Review   :  
Ø Laptop   :  
Ø Review   :  
Ø Mobile   :  
Ø Review   :  

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Useful Sites :

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