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Without Women world is like Fragment

Blog By Madhu Bhagat Without Women world is like Fragment  Via the eye of god, men and Women are equivalent, but the rules made by paradox were brutally killing Women either mentally or corporeally. Is it? I believe your answer would in yes.  The graphical elevation of Women in every sector raising consistently, whether it is Education, Aviation, Business or aught.  Women have attained the low most level of debacle staunch by their self. She is rendering the country with her aptitude and plays a crucial proem in each aspect of universe. History exhibits the testimony of Women’s mightiness. Women reflect the piousness as a Ganga river. There are several exemplification of Woman empowerment, which inspires to everyone. Indian Air Force commissioned India's first Women fighter pilots Bhawana Kanth, Avani Chatuvedi and Mohana Singh.  As per the report, traversed first level, these three Women pilots successfully spent 150 hours of flying and get appointed as flying offi

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