Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the AeroSoft Business Woman Awards?
A: The AeroSoft Business Woman Awards are the  Premier Business Awards.
The mission of the AeroSoft Business Woman Awards is to recognize and generate public awareness of excellence in the workplace.

Q: How many different AeroSoft Business Woman Awards are?
A: There are currently 10 AeroSoft Business Woman Awards competitions:  -The AeroSoft Business Woman Awards for Women in Business are open to all women Entrepreneurs and Executives - and the organizations they run - worldwide.

Q: What are The AeroSoft Business Woman Awards for Women in Business?
A: The AeroSoft Business Woman Awards for Women in Business are the only global, all-encompassing business awards program for women executives and women entrepreneurs.

Q: Who are the sponsors?
A: The sponsors include several of the leading business-to-business publishers and marketers in the U.S. as our sponsors.

Q: Who governs the Awards?
A: The Awards are overseen by a Board of Distinguished Judges & Advisors that includes many leading figures in Business.  
The list of Board members will be online soon.

Q: What are the categories?
A: There are 10 categories recognizing individuals, companies and organizations, and media and marketing.

Q: What do winners receive?
A: Winners receive a AeroSoft Business Woman Award trophy, Finalists receive an AeroSoft Business Woman Finalist certificate and the right to display the AeroSoft Business Woman Finalist logo on their web site and in their literature.

Q: What are the benefits of submitting entries?
A: The employee-relations benefits can be significant. When you submit entries, you're telling your employees that you recognize and appreciate their efforts and believe that their achievements are worthy of recognition. The benefits of becoming a Finalist or winning a AeroSoft Business Woman will also be significant. Finalists and winners can expect to receive a tremendous amount of publicity.

Q: Who can be nominated?
A: Any woman executive, woman entrepreneur, or woman-owned or -run organization worldwide may be nominated. There is also a new category this year, Employee of the Year, to honor female employees of any type of organization.

Q: Who can submit entries for consideration?
A: Any person, group, or company can submit entries.

Q: Does a company have to be publicly held to be able to submit entries?
A: No, any organization or individual can submit entries.

Q: When is the entry deadline?
A: There is an early-bird deadline of July 28 - entry fees are discounted. The final deadline is August 31. Late entries will be accepted through September 30.

Q: Are there entry fees?
A: No Its absolutely free to join.

Q. Why are the submission requirements for most categories so loosely defined?
A. The submission requirements are loosely defined in recognition that every organization is unique in its culture, its achievements, and in how and why it seeks recognition. The submission requirements are structured so that each organization may determine and cite its own accomplishments in its own way. More strictly defined requirements would narrow the focus of the awards, which the organizers did not want to do.

Q: You say that entrants will only compete against other organizations of their size, in their industry? How does that work?
A: Whether you submit your entries through The AeroSoft Business Woman Awards for Women in Business web site or through the mail, you must specify your organization's industry and size (by number of employees) as part of the entry process.
When the final judges determine AeroSoft Business Woman winners, they will have the option to award more than one AeroSoft Business Woman in a category, as long as the winners are not from within the same industry and company-size classification.

Q: Who are the judges?
A: Preliminary-round judges are qualified business professionals from around the world. Final-round judges will be members of the Awards' Board of Distinguished Judges & Advisors and other invited luminaries.

Q: How can I apply to become a judge?
A: To complete the application to participate in the preliminary round of judging, click here. If your application is accepted you will be able to participate at your convenience over the Internet.

Q: Will there be an awards ceremony?
A: Yes.   Finalists will be announced and notified in mid-October, and an awards dinner and ceremony will be held in India.

Q: How many Finalists and AeroSoft Business Woman winners will there be?
A: The number of Finalists will be determined by the number and quality of entries submitted. All entries that receive a high average score in preliminary-round judging will automatically become Finalists. Final judges will have a lot of leeway in determining how many of the Finalists AeroSoft Business Woman winners become.

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