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Career Counselor : jobs for women only

Career Counselor :  jobs for women only

Career Counselor: Job Description, Duties and Requirements.

Career counselors help people with job-related issues, such as finding
work, setting career goals and dealing with stress on the job.
Career counseling does not have strict education requirements compared
to other counseling specialties. In some cases, a college degree may
not be required for this line of counseling.

Career Counselor Job Description:

Career counselors help people decide on careers. They take a person's
education level, work history, personality, interests and skills into
account and suggest careers that match his or her background and
They may give aptitude and achievement tests to assist in this area.
Their goal is to match people with jobs that will give them the
greatest balance of financial payoff and job satisfaction. Career
counselors also help refine peoples' job-search skills and may help a
person find potential jobs. In addition to helping people who are jus…